7 effects of drugs on our family and society

The drug is affecting millions of people around the world. Drugs not only affect the person but also affect the entire family and society. About 10% of US population is drug addicted. The government is losing billions of dollars in revenue for paying legal fees, providing healthcare facilities and mending the damages being made. Here are the major effects of drugs.


Families suffer

When a person is drug addicted, the entire family suffers. Most families deny the fact that one of their family members is drug addicted. So, they cannot provide the support and care the addicted person needs. Violence in the family increases. There is always misdirected anger between the addicted person and his or her family members. If the family is not educated about the drug, then the family can break apart.


Financial crisis

A drug-addicted person needs money to buy drugs. They often undertake illegal ways of buying drugs, like stealing money from the house. Even when an addicted person is taken to rehab, a lot of money is spent on their medication and living. Often the addicted people have to be in the rehab for a long period.



The health of the addicted person is affected due to drugs. The person can suffer from depression or other serious mental and physical disorders. The health of the family members is also affected. They suffer from anxiety and depression.



An addicted person’s brain cannot function properly. He or she loses the ability to communicate well or take decisions. They have lack of problem-solving skills. They fail to maintain discipline in their office. As a result, most people lose a job. Their overall productivity decreases.


A burden for the society

There are many addicted people on the streets who are homeless. They become a burden for the society as the Government has to take the responsibility of their health care and living. The other people in the society get affected by them.


Crime rate increases

The addicted people get violent. The cases of robbery, rape and murder increases. These people commit this crime to get money or fight their depression. The neighborhood becomes no longer safe.

Drug addiction increases child abuse and domestic disputes. When parents are addicted, their child gets affected. There is a financial crisis and it creates a problem in their jobs. Businesses lose revenues by having addicted workers. The Government loses money in taking care of these people. Overall, the entire society is negatively affected because of drug addicts.


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Top 7 reasons why you should visit Italy

Italy has always been one of the favorite destinations of tourists. There are hundreds to visit Italy. The country is rich in culture and history. Here are the top reasons to visit Italy.


Historical sites

Rome is an ancient city and it still has the ancient ruins that are worth visiting, especially when you hire a luxury car on Mallorca. You will love walking through the Colosseum. If you like history and architecture then you will find plenty of it in Italy.There are lovely museums and churches to visit. There are about 50 heritage sites in Italy that are recognized by the UNESCO. The Vatican museum is full of beautiful art.



Italian food is world renowned. Pasta, pizza, etc. all originated from Italy. The foods are fresh, delicious and colorful. Different regions have their unique specialty. Rome has the thin crust pizza, Florence has steak Florentine. Naples is famous for pizza and Venice is a popular destination if you love seafood and risottos. Wine is also very popular in Italy.


Natural beauty

The villages of Italy are simply stunning. If you are a nature lover then you should head towards the coastal town of Manarola or Matera. There are lots of beautiful lakes in Italy. These include Late Garda, Lake Como, Lake Trasimeno, etc. There are white beaches with clear water. The islands like Stromboli and Capri are simply beautiful. You will get luxury resorts here where you can stay.


Art and culture

Art and culture are daily parts of Italians. It is the birthplace of the renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, and others. It is the center of the Renaissance movement. 


Gondola ride

The gondola ride is one of the major attractions of Italy. You will love the experience of riding through the canals in Venice. There are no vehicles other than gondola in this city. It is a very romantic journey.


The people

The Italians are very friendly and kind. You will get a chance to make new friends when you visit Italy. They will help you and you will learn many things from them. Their lifestyle is slow-paced, unlike the Americans. They like to enjoy life and create a wonderful work and home balance. They are very family oriented.



Lots of festivals take place in Italy throughout the year as well as Spain, and the best way to show off is when you rent a Rolls Royce in Barcelona. Venice’s Carnival, the Historic Regatta, and other festivals attract audiences from around the world.

Italy has everything; art, culture, food, natural beauty, historical remains, and more. You can not be satisfied visiting Italy once. You will have to come back here again to see all it has to offer. It’s a beautiful country and you must visit it at least once in your life. 


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7 impacts of technology on our society

Technology has affected our lives significantly. We cannot imagine our lives without technology. It has brought many changes to the society; some are good and some are bad. Here are the major impacts of technology on our society.



Due to technology, there are now machines that make food production easy. With modern agricultural solutions, only a few people can produce vast quantities of agricultural food. There are plowing, watering and harvesting machines that make the tasks easier for the farmers. Artifical fertilizers add value to the soil and so improve the production of crops.



There are now many modes of transports making it easier for people to move from one place to another. Transportation systems like bus, train, ship, and airplane have facilitated mobility of goods and people.



The education system has improved a lot due to technology. There are now smartboards, tablets, etc. to aid in education. The Internet has made it possible to get information quickly from any part of the world. You can now join distance learning program and learn from home.



Communication is better now because of technology. In the past, people used to communicate using letters or phones. It used to take a long time to get a letter. The phone calls were expensive as well. Now you can send an email within a fraction of a second. You can call at a cheap rate using various Internet-based calling options.


Getting information

Information is now on the tips of our fingers. We can get any kind of information from the Internet. We can get real-time news about the world. We can search for any topic that we don’t understand. We can know what’s going on around the world instantly.



More transports are on the road now, creating pollution. Because of the growth of the industries, water, air and land pollution are increasing. As people use many electronics today, like laptops, mobiles, gaming devices, etc. when they get old they throw it away causing land pollution.


Depletion of natural resources

People are now cutting more trees to make roads and buildings. This is creating pollution and depleting our natural resources. More fuel is now used in cars, decreasing the number of natural resources as well. People now have to think of alternative sources of energy, like solar energy or wind energy.

We have to know how to use technology for the good of people. We should control the negative impact of technology on society in order to improve our lives.


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5 ways women’s roles have changed in the society

Traditionally, women were considered to be full-time homemakers. Their responsibilities were to take care of their children and family. They didn’t have any role in the household earning. Over the years, the roles of women have changed. Here we are going to discuss it.

Child-bearing role

Women now bear less number of children than they used to before. Most families now have one or two children. They even give birth to a child at a more matured age. Women now have children even without marriage.


More women are now getting literate and they are also pursuing higher education. This is creating an opportunity for them to work. They are also playing role in family decision making.

Outside activities

Women are no longer staying home full-time. They are going to the market for doing grocery shopping, paying bills and doing all the works that only men used to do before. They are getting more involved in the outside works.


Women have entered the workplace. They also earn for their family just like men. However, the percentage of women in the workplace is still less than that of men as women have to take the major household responsibilities. The percentage of the part-time job is more in case of women. Women are still often seen in the caring or teaching sector. But now more women are entering the male-dominated sectors like politics, the legal system, etc. as well. More women are occupying senior management positions.

Fighting for rights

Women now have a voice, unlike before. Families are no more male-dominated. Like men, women also make major life decisions. Women have stood against dowry and domestic violence. Even in the workplace, they fight against sexual abuse and equality. Child marriage is being stopped in many communities.

Men now play a role in child raising and household activities just like women. Both men and women now share their responsibilities both home and outside. Women now stand against any discrimination and torture. There have been lots of gender-issue related movements and many social organizations now fight for women’s rights. Women are now getting power even in rural areas. In many countries now women are the head of the state. Education has made women independent and they are no longer dependent on men to lead their lives.

Business laws have changed to allow more women in the workplace and giving them a comfortable environment to work in. Women can now stand tall like men and get equal opportunities in everything.

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6 facts you should know about the Italian culture

The Italian population is more than 62 million. Every year many people immigrate to Italy. The Italian culture is rich in art, architecture, and traditions.  Here are some of the things you should know about the Italian culture.


About 96% population of Italy is Italian. The rest of the population is from Albania, Germany, Austria and other regions. So, apart from the Italian traditions, you will also find values and traditions from the German, Albanian and the other ethnic groups. As countries like Switzerland, France, Austria, and Slovenia lies on the border of the country, you will find influences of their culture in Italy as well.

Family life

Family value is very important in Italy. Unlike the ‘nuclear family’ structure in the US where the parents and kids are considered to be part of a family ‘extended family’ is the norm in Italy. The children stay close to their family even after adolescence. The Italians have very frequent family gatherings. Children are taught about family values from a very young age. 


The Vatican City is situated at the center of Rome. So, the religion is influenced by it. The major religion here is Roman Catholicism. About 80% of the population is Roman Catholic or Christians. Muslims and other religions make up the rest of the population.


As Italians are very family oriented, you will find many businesses are family businesses. Even some of the big companies are run by families. Meetings are less formal in Italy than the other European countries. Verbal communication is important in case of business dealings.

Role of women

The Italians with traditional mindset believe that men are the primary earners and women’s role is to take care of the home and family. This view hasn’t changed much. Even though women are now working and shifting towards the American culture, but most of the works they do are care-related. You won’t find many women workers in the other sectors.

Changing governments

Italy had more governments than any of the European countries. Only once the government remained in power for a full five-year period. After the World War II, Italy had 63 governments. This often leads to chaos in the country and the country’stability becomes a concern.

If you plan to move to Italy, then these facts will help you to adjust quickly to the new culture. The Italian culture is influenced by the American culture now, still, they hold some of their traditional values.


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Top 5 factors that affect our society

Social changes occur in every society. Various factors cause social change. Some factors cause social changes on a macro scale, whereas other changes occur at a micro level. Here are the major factors that affect our society.


Economic and technological changes

Agricultural advancements and industrialization have changed our society. Agricultural methods like irrigation, cotton gin, etc. lead to surplus food. People could now work outside the farm. Before the economy was agriculture dependent. Slowly, people moved into industrialization. So, other products and services were produced. This lead to more work. Gender values changed as well. Along with useful products, harmful things like guns and nuclear weapons were also produced. This affected our society. Urbanization increased. People now have fewer child and family orientation changed from extended to nuclear.



More people now live in urban areas compared to rural areas. The most common reason for it is the job opportunity. Cities also provide lots of benefits like transportation, schools, healthcare, etc. that is not very prevalent in rural areas.



Religious beliefs affect a society. It can even lead to civil wars. Gender issues, like the role of women in the workplace or at home, equality of men and women in the workplace, etc. can also cause social change.


Natural factors

Though our society has advanced a lot, yet we do not have full control over nature. Storm, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters can change a society. Tsunami or high scale earthquake can change the geography of a country. Millions of people die in such condition and infrastructure gets destroyed. It has a huge impact on the economy of the country and on people’s lives. It takes years to rebuild everything.


Demographic factors

If the birth rate is more than the death rate then the population will increase. This may lead to lack of jobs, and eventually poverty. If the population is less then there won’t be enough skilled labor to work and make social progress. The men and women ratio also affects a society. If the number of women is more in a society, the dowry system will become common and polygamy may occur. If the number of men is more then polyandry will be prevalent.

All these factors affect our society. Sometimes these factors bring in positive social changes and sometimes they bring in negative changes. We should be careful that our society is not affected by the negative changes. We should try to create a balance so that the society can be a good place to live in.


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