5 ways women’s roles have changed in the society

Traditionally, women were considered to be full-time homemakers. Their responsibilities were to take care of their children and family. They didn’t have any role in the household earning. Over the years, the roles of women have changed. Here we are going to discuss it.

Child-bearing role

Women now bear less number of children than they used to before. Most families now have one or two children. They even give birth to a child at a more matured age. Women now have children even without marriage.


More women are now getting literate and they are also pursuing higher education. This is creating an opportunity for them to work. They are also playing role in family decision making.

Outside activities

Women are no longer staying home full-time. They are going to the market for doing grocery shopping, paying bills and doing all the works that only men used to do before. They are getting more involved in the outside works.


Women have entered the workplace. They also earn for their family just like men. However, the percentage of women in the workplace is still less than that of men as women have to take the major household responsibilities. The percentage of the part-time job is more in case of women. Women are still often seen in the caring or teaching sector. But now more women are entering the male-dominated sectors like politics, the legal system, etc. as well. More women are occupying senior management positions.

Fighting for rights

Women now have a voice, unlike before. Families are no more male-dominated. Like men, women also make major life decisions. Women have stood against dowry and domestic violence. Even in the workplace, they fight against sexual abuse and equality. Child marriage is being stopped in many communities.

Men now play a role in child raising and household activities just like women. Both men and women now share their responsibilities both home and outside. Women now stand against any discrimination and torture. There have been lots of gender-issue related movements and many social organizations now fight for women’s rights. Women are now getting power even in rural areas. In many countries now women are the head of the state. Education has made women independent and they are no longer dependent on men to lead their lives.

Business laws have changed to allow more women in the workplace and giving them a comfortable environment to work in. Women can now stand tall like men and get equal opportunities in everything.

Infographic by: GAdventures