7 effects of drugs on our family and society

The drug is affecting millions of people around the world. Drugs not only affect the person but also affect the entire family and society. About 10% of US population is drug addicted. The government is losing billions of dollars in revenue for paying legal fees, providing healthcare facilities and mending the damages being made. Here are the major effects of drugs.


Families suffer

When a person is drug addicted, the entire family suffers. Most families deny the fact that one of their family members is drug addicted. So, they cannot provide the support and care the addicted person needs. Violence in the family increases. There is always misdirected anger between the addicted person and his or her family members. If the family is not educated about the drug, then the family can break apart.


Financial crisis

A drug-addicted person needs money to buy drugs. They often undertake illegal ways of buying drugs, like stealing money from the house. Even when an addicted person is taken to rehab, a lot of money is spent on their medication and living. Often the addicted people have to be in the rehab for a long period.



The health of the addicted person is affected due to drugs. The person can suffer from depression or other serious mental and physical disorders. The health of the family members is also affected. They suffer from anxiety and depression.



An addicted person’s brain cannot function properly. He or she loses the ability to communicate well or take decisions. They have lack of problem-solving skills. They fail to maintain discipline in their office. As a result, most people lose a job. Their overall productivity decreases.


A burden for the society

There are many addicted people on the streets who are homeless. They become a burden for the society as the Government has to take the responsibility of their health care and living. The other people in the society get affected by them.


Crime rate increases

The addicted people get violent. The cases of robbery, rape and murder increases. These people commit this crime to get money or fight their depression. The neighborhood becomes no longer safe.

Drug addiction increases child abuse and domestic disputes. When parents are addicted, their child gets affected. There is a financial crisis and it creates a problem in their jobs. Businesses lose revenues by having addicted workers. The Government loses money in taking care of these people. Overall, the entire society is negatively affected because of drug addicts.


Infographic by Vyasan Mukti