7 impacts of technology on our society

Technology has affected our lives significantly. We cannot imagine our lives without technology. It has brought many changes to the society; some are good and some are bad. Here are the major impacts of technology on our society.



Due to technology, there are now machines that make food production easy. With modern agricultural solutions, only a few people can produce vast quantities of agricultural food. There are plowing, watering and harvesting machines that make the tasks easier for the farmers. Artifical fertilizers add value to the soil and so improve the production of crops.



There are now many modes of transports making it easier for people to move from one place to another. Transportation systems like bus, train, ship, and airplane have facilitated mobility of goods and people.



The education system has improved a lot due to technology. There are now smartboards, tablets, etc. to aid in education. The Internet has made it possible to get information quickly from any part of the world. You can now join distance learning program and learn from home.



Communication is better now because of technology. In the past, people used to communicate using letters or phones. It used to take a long time to get a letter. The phone calls were expensive as well. Now you can send an email within a fraction of a second. You can call at a cheap rate using various Internet-based calling options.


Getting information

Information is now on the tips of our fingers. We can get any kind of information from the Internet. We can get real-time news about the world. We can search for any topic that we don’t understand. We can know what’s going on around the world instantly.



More transports are on the road now, creating pollution. Because of the growth of the industries, water, air and land pollution are increasing. As people use many electronics today, like laptops, mobiles, gaming devices, etc. when they get old they throw it away causing land pollution.


Depletion of natural resources

People are now cutting more trees to make roads and buildings. This is creating pollution and depleting our natural resources. More fuel is now used in cars, decreasing the number of natural resources as well. People now have to think of alternative sources of energy, like solar energy or wind energy.

We have to know how to use technology for the good of people. We should control the negative impact of technology on society in order to improve our lives.


Infographic by: Nais