7 effects of drugs on our family and society

The drug is affecting millions of people around the world. Drugs not only affect the person but also affect the entire family and society. About 10% of US population is drug addicted. The government is losing billions of dollars in revenue for paying legal fees, providing healthcare facilities and mending […]

7 impacts of technology on our society

Technology has affected our lives significantly. We cannot imagine our lives without technology. It has brought many changes to the society; some are good and some are bad. Here are the major impacts of technology on our society.   Agriculture Due to technology, there are now machines that make food […]

Top 5 factors that affect our society

Social changes occur in every society. Various factors cause social change. Some factors cause social changes on a macro scale, whereas other changes occur at a micro level. Here are the major factors that affect our society.   Economic and technological changes Agricultural advancements and industrialization have changed our society. […]