Top 5 factors that affect our society

Social changes occur in every society. Various factors cause social change. Some factors cause social changes on a macro scale, whereas other changes occur at a micro level. Here are the major factors that affect our society.


Economic and technological changes

Agricultural advancements and industrialization have changed our society. Agricultural methods like irrigation, cotton gin, etc. lead to surplus food. People could now work outside the farm. Before the economy was agriculture dependent. Slowly, people moved into industrialization. So, other products and services were produced. This lead to more work. Gender values changed as well. Along with useful products, harmful things like guns and nuclear weapons were also produced. This affected our society. Urbanization increased. People now have fewer child and family orientation changed from extended to nuclear.



More people now live in urban areas compared to rural areas. The most common reason for it is the job opportunity. Cities also provide lots of benefits like transportation, schools, healthcare, etc. that is not very prevalent in rural areas.



Religious beliefs affect a society. It can even lead to civil wars. Gender issues, like the role of women in the workplace or at home, equality of men and women in the workplace, etc. can also cause social change.


Natural factors

Though our society has advanced a lot, yet we do not have full control over nature. Storm, flood, earthquake and other natural disasters can change a society. Tsunami or high scale earthquake can change the geography of a country. Millions of people die in such condition and infrastructure gets destroyed. It has a huge impact on the economy of the country and on people’s lives. It takes years to rebuild everything.


Demographic factors

If the birth rate is more than the death rate then the population will increase. This may lead to lack of jobs, and eventually poverty. If the population is less then there won’t be enough skilled labor to work and make social progress. The men and women ratio also affects a society. If the number of women is more in a society, the dowry system will become common and polygamy may occur. If the number of men is more then polyandry will be prevalent.

All these factors affect our society. Sometimes these factors bring in positive social changes and sometimes they bring in negative changes. We should be careful that our society is not affected by the negative changes. We should try to create a balance so that the society can be a good place to live in.


Infographic by: Pinterest