Top 7 reasons why you should visit Italy

Italy has always been one of the favorite destinations of tourists. There are hundreds to visit Italy. The country is rich in culture and history. Here are the top reasons to visit Italy.


Historical sites

Rome is an ancient city and it still has the ancient ruins that are worth visiting, especially when you hire a luxury car on Mallorca. You will love walking through the Colosseum. If you like history and architecture then you will find plenty of it in Italy.There are lovely museums and churches to visit. There are about 50 heritage sites in Italy that are recognized by the UNESCO. The Vatican museum is full of beautiful art.



Italian food is world renowned. Pasta, pizza, etc. all originated from Italy. The foods are fresh, delicious and colorful. Different regions have their unique specialty. Rome has the thin crust pizza, Florence has steak Florentine. Naples is famous for pizza and Venice is a popular destination if you love seafood and risottos. Wine is also very popular in Italy.


Natural beauty

The villages of Italy are simply stunning. If you are a nature lover then you should head towards the coastal town of Manarola or Matera. There are lots of beautiful lakes in Italy. These include Late Garda, Lake Como, Lake Trasimeno, etc. There are white beaches with clear water. The islands like Stromboli and Capri are simply beautiful. You will get luxury resorts here where you can stay.


Art and culture

Art and culture are daily parts of Italians. It is the birthplace of the renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, and others. It is the center of the Renaissance movement. 


Gondola ride

The gondola ride is one of the major attractions of Italy. You will love the experience of riding through the canals in Venice. There are no vehicles other than gondola in this city. It is a very romantic journey.


The people

The Italians are very friendly and kind. You will get a chance to make new friends when you visit Italy. They will help you and you will learn many things from them. Their lifestyle is slow-paced, unlike the Americans. They like to enjoy life and create a wonderful work and home balance. They are very family oriented.



Lots of festivals take place in Italy throughout the year as well as Spain, and the best way to show off is when you rent a Rolls Royce in Barcelona. Venice’s Carnival, the Historic Regatta, and other festivals attract audiences from around the world.

Italy has everything; art, culture, food, natural beauty, historical remains, and more. You can not be satisfied visiting Italy once. You will have to come back here again to see all it has to offer. It’s a beautiful country and you must visit it at least once in your life. 


Infographic by Zizoo